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Bobo&Boo Large Cup Set – Sunset



If you are looking for a plastic alternative for kid safe cups, you have come to the right place. NEW to the bobo&boo range is the larger cup sets designed for the big kids (and the big kids at heart).  Made from the same good-for-the-planet, eco-friendly stuff as the little cups so now the whole family can match.

Durable, stackable, lightweight, and available in a range of gorgeous and vibrant colours that the whole family is sure to love, our new larger cups are perfect for picnics, parties, everyday living, and sneaking in that fifth glass of Aunty Pat’s Mystery Punch at the family BBQ. #NoJudgement

Each set includes four bamboo cups (each cup measures 9x12cm).

Product details:
4 cups per set
Beautifully boxed in thoughtfully designed packaging.
Size 90mm wide x 120mm high.
The Sunset set has the colours grape purple, flamingo pink, watermelon pink and tangerine orange.  Also available in Coastal (dolphin blue, navy blue, charcoal grey and apple green).

This set comes in a gift box. Our packaging is made of biodegradable materials, so you can pop it in the compost after unpacking it!

bobo&boo is committed to giving every parent the chance to reduce the amount of plastic their children come into contact with through the provision of affordable yet stylish eco-friendly children’s dishes.

What are bobo&boo dinnerware products made from?

bobo&boo non-plastic dinnerware products are made from natural, renewable and sustainable materials. This means they are non-toxic and biodegradable. Bamboo fibre accounts for around 55 per cent of the product. The products also incorporate PLA Resin (derived from plants) and a small mix of other natural fibres such as bran and cornstarch. The colour makes up .5 per cent of the ingredients and is food safe. 


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